iceWing is a graphical plugin shell, which can dynamically load additional plugins. Different of these plugins are integrated in the main iceWing distribution. Some examples are:

Read images from the disk in various image formats, videos from the disk, from grabber-hardware, e.g. V4L2-devices or FireWire, and also from external, network wide processes.
Saving of images by using a second thread to write the images to disk.
Demonstrates all widgets available in iceWing and the different render capabilities of iceWing.

Additional independently distributed plugins are available:


XCF, the XML enabled communication framework, provides features for distribution of modules and corresponding algorithms across different machines. See for additional details about the framework and the software.

To integrate iceWing into a larger XCF-based system architecture or to interconnect several program instances of iceWing, there are the so-called XCF infrastructure plugins that enhance iceWing transparently by the XCF communication patterns. The following plugins and features are available:

Allows to export any XML data from iceWing to other processes via XCF.
Counterpart to XCFExport. Allows to import XML data into iceWing via XCF.
Allows to export (binary) image data.
Allows to import (binary) image data.
For the download of the current version of these plugins go to the corresponding SourceForge download page.