iceWing was tested under Linux, OSF-Alpha, Sun Solaris, and Mac OS X. Full support for grabbing images from different cameras is only available on Linux. Minimally iceWing needs: Optionally, for enhanced functionality: Attention: You will always need the development files, especially header files, for the different libraries.


Documentation is available in the release in the docs directory in the file icewing.pdf. Additionally, the documentation can be directly accessed from here, as a PDF file and as a HTML online version. The iceWing versions till version 0.8.1 contained one chapter in German only. This chapter is translated to English in the later iceWing versions.

HTML online documentation for version 0.11

PDF documentation for version 0.11
PDF documentation for version 0.10
PDF documentation for version 0.9
PDF documentation for version 0.8.1

Additionally, developer documentation is available in the installed iceWing header files and, as generated by doxygen, at


Releases here are source only.

Release notes:
Files (Sources) Release date Size
FFmpeg V1.0 September 28 2012
October 3 2012 2477k
FFmpeg SVN snaphot June 06 2009
June 06 2009 2316k
FFmpeg SVN snaphot May 26 2006
May 30 2006 2037k
icewing-0.8.1.tar.bz2 Mar 08 2005 1453k

Additionally, download links for all releases can be found at the SourceForge download page for this project.